Advantages Of Oilclothes

What Is an Oil Cloth?

oil cloths for tables are made to withstand rough usage. The fabric can withstand heavy and extended usage without high wear and tear. It is a combination of two materials. The first is the underlying cotton fabric and the second is the vinyl plastic or PVC. During the manufacturing process, cotton sheet is coated with hot melting PVC. This heavy duty coating makes the tablecloth resistant to water and normal wear and tear. Due to technological advancements in this field, now there are table oil cloths that do not have the feel of a plastic surface. It looks like a cotton sheet. It is available in both glossy and matte finishes.

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Advantages of Oil Cloths

Oil cloths are preferred for table covering due to their smooth and shiny surface. It is easy to wipe away food scrapes, water, dust, liquid spills and oil smudges. The hard PVC coating makes it easier to wipe and clean the tablecloth surface without effort. It is a waterproof material so the water does not seep through the tablecloth. It helps protect the table furniture. Table oil cloths can be found in a variety of designs, prints, colours, patterns and sizes. The ones with the glossy shiny surface are easier to wipe. The oil cloth with the matte finish has characteristics of cotton cloth. It does not feel like a plastic sheet on the table.


Oil cloths are used extensively by people to furnish their dining table, other tables and furniture tops. It is an excellent table surface covering option in homes with children. It improves the kitchen decor. The oil cloth sheet can be placed on top of any table that requires easy to clean tablecloth. Its use is no longer limited to the kitchen table. Any flat top surface that requires an easy to clean cover benefits from this PVC coated material. Many fashion designers use these cloths to make designer bags.

Other Benefits

The oil cloth does not require any hemming. It is ready for use as soon as it has been cut off from the roll. The fabric does not crack or fray. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and there is no need for extra washing. This material is cheaper than many other table covering solutions with similar benefits and features. Its sheet is cut from a roll so it is easy to order several sheets of same cloth for multiple tables. These table cloths are perfect for family dinners, camping, home parties and summer barbecues. It is possible to order table oil cloths in custom sizes. Its canvas like print design improves the aesthetic of the furniture sets. The print colour does not fade easily even after several months of usage. This cloth can also be used for aprons, shelf lining, bibs and placemat. Diaper bags and toiletry bags can be lined with oil cloth for easier cleaning.

Table oil cloths are highly durable and versatile. With its cotton mesh base and PVC top coating, this cloth is perfect for applications where the surface of the main furniture requires protection from general wear and tear. The cloths are inexpensive and can be replaced easily. This type of covering protects the top surface of the furniture and extends its life.